10.3 Wearing It

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Body Candy

Tying myself in. The corset has a series of hooks and eyes up one side of it, so that you can put it on and take it off easily without having to worry about the laces until later. Not only that, but there are two rows of hook-and-eye connectors to ensure for an even better fit. Bonus.


The front view. The fit really is nearly perfect, I have to admit, although in the future, I might order something that’s one size smaller, because there is just a small amount of give even when I tie it as tight as it will go and use the tighter row of hook-and-eye loops. Either way, it’s incredibly comfortable. There is velvet trim along the edges that mean the fabric doesn’t rub, and the bottom swells out enough to fit my hips.


Front and back view. While the corset does fit around my breasts (meaning there isn’t so much room between skin and fabric that I could carry a drink in there, unlike most other corsets), there’s still more room than I’d like and thus the velvet piping on the edge kept furling over just a little.


Overall? Corset was a serious hit. I wanted to link to it on the Lingerie.com site (not just because I think it’s a great corset for the price, but also because I wanted to plug them as a thank you. Plus the fact that I like how many sizes they offer, including a wide range of plus-sized stuff), but this corset doesn’t seem to be available anymore in the size I ordered. I do believe this is the same one in the plus-size, though, which looks awesome.

In a few weeks, I’m going to my first official Kink Party, and I have to admit that I’m likely going to wear this… If I can just find something to cover my bottom half!

Cinching up your brain and body, one hole at at time, s.


  1. Annette says:

    First of all – love it! You look fab. I like the black and then the delicate flowers. Get you a petticoat and some cowboy boots and you’ll be fit for any saloon… as long as you were a working girl! ^_-

    An important thing to remember when putting the corset on – bend over to make sure your breasts are , well, up.

    Or down, I suppose, if you don’t want them up and out there. But it’s important to bend over and adjust as you’re lacing/hooking up the corset.

    I am glad your overall experience was a good one – I did the whole box thing too when I got mine … ahh, good times!

  2. Aha! No one told me that! Cool! I shall have breasteses! 🙂

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