10.2 Boning Up

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Body Candy

The delightful and gorgeous corset, donated by Lingerie.Com


Black silky material. Embroidered flowers. Lace up the back. A promise that it was a corset made for real women, not for some skinny model with balloon boobs. Something just my size, with stays that would be strong enough to pull my waist in, but not so strong that I couldn’t breathe…

Can I say that I was just a little excited, waiting for my corset to arrive? Oh yes, yes I can.

The corset — a gift from Lingerie.Com (thank you, ten times over!) — finally arrived and I have to admit that I just looked at it for a while. It was so beautiful, and seemed so well made. I knew that I was going to be incredibly sad if I put it on and it didn’t fit. Or if it looked bad. Or. Or. Or.

In the box it was perfect. On me? I wasn’t sure yet. So I waited days before I finally, finally tried it on…

The beautiful lace up the back.


The flower details.



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