10.1 Finding Your Fit

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Body Candy

Star wars corsets. Geek-a-rama


I have always loved corsets. I love the way they look on women, the way they accentuate their curves and highlight the hourglass of women’s bodies. I think the material is often so beautiful, the patterns and details, the buttons and eye-and-hooks and lace-ups. The way they feel, not just to wear, but also to touch. I think they’re incredibly sexy, no matter what size and shape the wearer is.

Despite my passion for corsets, I’ve never owned one that I loved. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever even owned one, not even one of those cheesy mall-buy corsets. Why? Mainly because they never fit right. I have something of an hourglass figure already (wide shoulders, skinny waist, big butt), but I think it’s the small breast thing that screws it up. No matter how hard I cinch the suckers, my chest doesn’t fill up the space that’s left behind. Obviously, there are corsets that go under the breasts, but for me, I really really love the ones that go all the way up. Various friends have said, “Well, you just to have one that’s custom made.” But custom-made corsets are incredibly expensive.

So, in an attempt to find a corset that fits me right off the rack, I did a little research. Turns out, more and more corsets are being made to fit women of all sizes and shapes, and it’s getting easier to find something that will fit you even if it’s not custom-made. Score.

Things that I discovered you should pay attention to when choosing a corset:

  1. The ribbing that runs through the corset. The strength of these “ribs” is what gives the corset its shape while it’s on you. For a stronger hourglass shape, look for stronger ribs (but not something so strong that you can’t breathe).
  2. The material itself. Corsets are made of all kinds of materials, from less durable lace numbers to stronger fabrics like silk, latex, leather and even corduroy. Find something that’s comfortable, but that will stand up to whatever movements you’re planning to make.
  3. The way it closes or connects. Some corsets have lacings up the back as their only way in and out of them. Others have velcro, hook and eye closures or buttons.
  4. The sizing. Many corsets only offer S, M and L options. If you’ve tried these and found them lacking, look for corsets that have more varieties of sizing, or that are bra-sized (34 a, b or c, for example). They’re more likely to fit you in both the waist and the chest.
  5. You should be able to breathe, even when it’s tightened. This is important!

Next step: The corset that I got and whether or not it fits me. Woot.

Tightening your laces one step at a time, s.


  1. erobintica says:

    😦 I’ve never had a corset.
    😦 I’ve never even tried one on. But I love them and hope to someday. I’ve always thought they were incredibly sexy, whether on some RenFaire wench or on Tim Curry. 😉

    Am looking forward to your corset saga.

  2. Annette says:

    I love corsets – and, thanks to nature, my breasts have been asked for many a direction at our local RenFaire. Well, the tops of them really.

    Beware of cheap material or weak “stays” or boning (thought they aren’t really bones anymore).

    My costume corset has thicker boning – made out of a harder plastic. That’s fine because all I do is wander around and give directions when asked (and ignore glaring wives). But the one I wear out dancing has boning that was made from the plastic wire ties type material. Strong enough to hold up and has enough give to move with me on the dance floor.

    But once you find one you love… you’ll be in love 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

  3. Gina Marie says:

    There must be corsets for little people! Oh, let’s just go for it! Corsets by Monday!

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