9.2 Colorize

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Body Candy

Riiiight. So this color thing is harder than expected. I used two books to try and come up with my colors/seasons, and I’m not sure either of them helped. I did learn that I’m probably a summer or a spring. But the next step was to discover whether I was warm or cool.

It’s hard.

Warm is: You look better in gold, you have golden hair, you have brown or gold flecks in your eyes.

Cool is: You look better in silver, you have ashy hair, your eyes have silver or white flecks, your veins tend to run toward blue.

Riight. Almost helpful. Except. My hair is golden, my eyes have silver flecks, and my veins are blue. And the colors that people typically say I look great in (coral, peach, chocolate) are warm colors. So, hell.

So what I did was take a bunch of pictures, all of them in the same spot in the same light, just with different colors on. I’m not sure that helped either, to be honest.

Chocolate Brown

Moss Green





Yeah. Helpful? Not at all. What did I learn? I learned that I need to have someone do my colors for me. Someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Since my face looks the same to me in all of these.

I feel a little like MythBusters. Myth of colors? Busted.

Also: Help!

Learning nothing, one shirt at a time, s.


  1. For what it’s worth, the moss green and turquoise hues jumped out at me as interacting most fluidly with your face and hair. [Nonprofessional, unlicensed, off-the-cuff opinion.]

  2. Landon says:

    My thoughts were along the same lines as Jeremy’s. But I will go one step further, None of the colors seemed at odds with your hair or coloring. While I liked some better than others, I thought they all looked good. Could this be a gender sensitivity matter? Katherine has a great eye for color. Her opinion is likely the best one.

  3. erobintica says:

    Which colors do you like to wear? That make you feel good to wear them? Not how you think you look in them! Personally, I think if you’re wearing something you like to wear and like the colors and feel good wearing it, that will reflect in the rest of you. But what do I know? 😉 I have no f-ing clue what my “colors” are.

  4. Annette says:

    Colors – good lord, I recall when that was all the rage and every time I went to my mom’s beautician all I heard throughout the salon was how they were, had or wanted to get their colors done. (I should side note here that this was in the 80’s and there was a lot going on in the 80’s, wild and angular hairstyles that I used to let my beauty-school friend try on me in at various parties in strange bathrooms. My mother was never amused, however I believe I was able to underhandedly put the beauticians twins through private school… I say underhandedly because it was my parent’s money fixing those alcohol induced haircuts).

    Anyway – I was told I was a summer (because of the blonde hair… that is now a reddish orange… but I digress) then I was told I was spring. Then I figured out that no one knew what they were talking about.

    Wear what you like – personally, I thought, like Jeremy, I liked the sage green and the turquoise – it brought out your eyes.

    But wear what YOU feel good in, what YOU like (I’m an earth-tone gal myself).

  5. Katherine says:

    Not to add more uncertainty or confusion, but I thought the cream & brown were the winners as far as skin tone. 🙂 For whatever that’s worth!

  6. Nikki Magennis says:

    OOh, how funny, I’ve been furtively and secretly obsessing about colours lately. But I am not stumping cash for it. And I think it’s true what everyone is saying, there is no secret.

    I vote green and cream! ; )

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