5.1 Slowing Down (Step 1)

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

How to slow down. Options:

1. Learn to breathe deeply and fully. Watch your step. Move intentionally.

2. Go really really fast until you fall down and break something.

Um, yeah, I tend to do number two (as you can probably tell by the image of my foot, above). It’s not like I actually choose that. More that it chooses me. Or that I’m moving so fast that it’s not possible for anyone or anything to actually make a choice. This, I’ve decided, now that I’ve had some time to sit with it, is a bad way of moving through the world.

Mostly because it usually results in injury of some sort. Although, truly, the majority of my injuries have been minor — cuts and bruises, torn ligaments, ripped muscles, what have you. I’ve never had to have stitches. And I’ve never broken a bone.

Until now. On Saturday morning, I took a small step for mankind, a big step for Shanna and broken my ankle bone. My talus, if you will. This, as I understand it, is not good news. I won’t know until Wednesday how “not good” this news is (when I go to the foot guy), but at this point, the bad news is shaded a really gross hue of purple-green-black and is swollen to about three times its normal size. I was able to write it off for a day or two as a minor something-or-other, snapped tendon, torn ligament, what have you. The x-rays, however, disagreed with me.

This wasn’t the lesson I was hoping to learn this week, but I suppose sometimes the universe thinks you’re not paying enough attention to the things that matter, and it throws you a curve ball. This certainly feels like one of those times.

So, step one in slowing down? Take a wrong step.

Tomorrow, we learn how to walk on crutches without breaking our face. It’s going to be very slow going.

Hobbling your sensibilities, one step at a time, s.


“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” ~Napoleon Hill

  1. Dayle says:

    Oh no. 😦 But some sprains are worse than breaks, and here’s hoping your break was simple, clean, and heals quickly. Lots of positive, healing energy coming your way!

  2. Jay Lake says:

    You know, some people just take a break when they want to slow down. Making a break, not so much for the win. I hope your foot guy consult turns out well. 😦

  3. Gina Marie says:

    Can I be your naughty nurse? So very, very sorry. Your version of bust-a-move is dangerous!

  4. Katherine says:

    Awww toots…I’m so sorry. Crutches are the pits, and I’m sure that to-do wasn’t anywhere near your list of 52 to-learns. But hey, sometimes when you put intentions out there, you can’t know how they’ll come at ya!!!

    Chin up!

  5. Alex says:

    Crutches aren’t so bad once you getthe hang of them, promise. 🙂

    You’ll get to the point where you can do graceful pirouettes with a single crutch, while not knocking over all the furniture with the other and everything.!! ~grins~

    Take care, take it slow, and take a deep breath. It’ll be fine, promise. 🙂

    As always,

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