Lesson 1: Step 3

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[The One In Which Gina Marie Teaches Us How to Make Crust Like Sexy Hos… er, Pros]

Our yummy galette, before we attacked it and stuffed ourselves. I took this picture as soon as it came out of the oven.


1. Perfect Crust Every Time

“Il faut mettre la main a la pate”

It is necessary to put your hand to the dough.

Like making love, making pie dough is an art that takes practice, perseverance, skill, and a good rolling pin. You will find that after a few pie-making sessions, you will discover which crust method works best for you and your lover. Just remember, the more you make it, the better it gets!

Tips & Tricks:

· Always use quality ingredients, including high-grade butter or shortening and pastry flour.

· Always start with cold ingredients and finish with a chilled crust before rolling and baking. (Chilling the crust before baking helps it to keep its shape in the oven).

· The amount of water required will vary, depending on the humidity.

· Brush the pie crust with an egg wash for an evenly browned surface.

· Make designs on the top crust using cookie cutters – attach with water.

· Use a glass pie plate so you can see whether the bottom crust is done.

Martha Stewart Says: “To make a crimped edge, line a pie plate with dough. Trim overhang to 1 inch. Using thumb and forefinger of one hand, push with the thumb of the other hand, (yeah baby!) crimping; continue around the crust. Use the tines of a fork to crimp a single-crust pie and to make a seal for a double crust.”

Gina, The Pie Master, knows all the tricks for pounding, whipping and beating kitcheny things into submission


2. Rolling The Dough

Before you can roll your dough, you of course need to have a suitable rolling pin. Bigger is better. Length is also important. A heavy marble pin is ideal for keeping the crust cool. A long, slender model made of wood and floured while rolling is also a fine choice.

Rolling your dough in 24 easy steps:

1. Remove dough from refrigerator

2. Let dough sit for 10 minutes

3. Keep upper crust cold while rolling the bottom

4. Flour the pin

5. Give him/her a wet willie

6. Work quickly so the dough doesn’t soften

7. Roll from the center out, avoiding the edges

8. Lift and move dough occasionally to make sure it is not sticking, flour lightly under the dough only if necessary

9. Fold crust gently in fourths

10. Slap his/her nasty ass

11. Ease into pan & unfold

12. Trim dough to ½ inch past the edge of the pie pan

13. Make out

14. Fill pie, then brush edge with water

15. Tell him/her your love him/her, then ride him/her like the mare/stallion he/she is.

16. Repeat with top crust, place over the filling

17. Tuck overhang under the bottom crust border

18. Press down all around the top to seal

19. Crimp or flute

20. Drink whiskey

21. Refrigerate for at least one hour to set the crust and hold the design of the border

22. Cut steam vents

23. Bake!

24. Repeat steps 5, 10, 13, 15, and 20.

It’s time to bake! Remember, the more you make it, the better it gets!!!!


Lover’s quarrel? The best way to avoid quarreling in the first place is to wear only an apron while baking together. Baking naked practically guarantees a pleasant kitchen atmosphere.


Firing your neurons, one week at a time, s.


Because I know you can’t get enough of Gina Marie and her funny, sensual words and ways, you should probably visit her here too, where she riffs on love, lust, running, photography, and more.

  1. Gina Marie says:

    Just look at that juicy thing!!! This summer we have to make fresh raspberry juice….I know of this farm…..

  2. Landon says:

    Are you sure there is only one drink whisky step in this recipe?

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