Lesson 1: Step 1

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

pie dough, raspberry-peach razors, and salty custard [part 2]


Before I can get my hands dirty (or sticky), Gina gives me the pep talk on how to make dough. It amounts to this: ice, ice, baby.


So, the secret to pie crust is being cold-hearted. And cold-handed. Who knew?

Frozen butter, which I want to mash with the potato masher.

“Mash?” I say.

“No, cut,” Gina says and hands me a knife.

Now I have a potato masher in one hand and a knife in the other. Dangerous territory.

“Mash?” I say.

“Cut,” she says.

So I cut my frozen butter into little pieces. Then I get to dump the pieces into the flour and what-not.

“NOW I get to mash?”

“Now you get to mash.”

Potato masher, butter, flour = happy girl.

I mash it and then finger it until it’s like “little pebbles,” and then we dump the ice water in. There is much lamenting over the lack of vodka (I’m still not sure what the vodka does for the dough, to be honest), but we have scotch for the dough-makers, so the dough will have to go without.

While the dough re-cools in the fridge for twenty minutes or so, we only drink a little scotch. I swear.


Dough rolling requires more concentration than I actually knew I had. It must be the same thickness and you’re supposed to roll it out in a circle-shape. Hahaha. I kept hoping the Gina wouldn’t know the difference between a square and a circle. Apparently she does.


Tomorrow we fill the odd-shaped dough with berries, bake it and top it with custard. Eventually, we’re going to get to eat it. I hope. All the scotch is making my stomach hurt.

Firing your synapses, one week at a time, s.


  1. Alex says:

    ~laughs softly with a grin~

    Sounds like a great time was had by all.!!

    Between the mashing and cutting and scotch and such, it sounded like a regular brawl of the tartans.!!! 😉

    Sorry I’m not there to help by sampling the pie or something, but know it will turn out great, and hope you’ve had a blast doing it.!!

    As always,

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